Aiello’s Pizza

Hello and TGI🍕F! Aiello’s [i-ello’s] Pizza, located on busy Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill, was requested by one of our avid readers and is consequently the subject of today’s review. So, a lesson here is learned: if you’d like to have your favorite pie/neighborhood pizzeria featured on Yinzer Eats, scroll on over to our ‘Contact’ page and let us know. We actually read what you submit.

Aiello’s Pizza


CHEESE: Aiello’s guarantees the freshest ingredients in all of their pizza; and by God is their mozzarella fresh! It’s possible they have their own dairy cow in their kitchen…. But honestly, their cheese may be the most savory and flavorful mozzarella I’ve tasted on a pie. Personally, it is the highlight of the slice for me. Top notch cheese.

DOUGH: While I certainly cannot say the pizza is a thin crust, it is remarkably crunchy, and without being over burnt. It definitely adds another layer of texture to the slice that a lot of other pizzerias don’t have. Though the cheese is my favorite, Aiello’s dough gives the pizza their signature taste. I haven’t had pizza dough quite like theirs before.

SAUCE:  Aiello’s is on its way to the perfect pie, and they very well can achieve it if not for the sauce. The gravy isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, it just isn’t enough. I’m not sure if there isn’t enough sauce on the pie, if the sauce didn’t have a bold enough flavor, or if it was just overpowered by the supreme cheese and dough, but you can barely taste any tomato sauce flavor. All things considered it’s a small gripe, but a gripe nonetheless.



  1. The staff is super friendly and efficient. They get your pizza out quick and with a smile on their face, which is always refreshing.
  1. Their individual cuts are a little on the small side. I suppose their price reflects that at $1.80 a slice. But still, I was a little thrown off.
  1. It was harder to find parking near the joint than it was for McCutchen to find his bat last year. Be prepared to walk a bit from your car to the shop.


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