Hello and happy TGI🍕F. This weeks pizza destination was Giovanni’s on 6th Ave in downtown Veridian – er, Pittsburgh rather.


CHEESE: Giovanni’s cheese was mediocre. There wasn’t much to it, but it didn’t take away from the slice. Quite disappointing to say, as I feel the past few pizza joints have had the same do-nothing-for-the-slice cheese.

DOUGH: If you’ve ever undercooked a freezer pizza in the oven, then you know what Giovanni’s dough taste like. Enough said. 

SAUCE:  Giovanni’s sauce was meatier than most, as in it tasted like it was cooked with beef fat in it. It also contained some type of unidentifiable spice, which didn’t help the cause.

Overall, I wouldn’t put this on the top of my list from the tour so far, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone either. On a side note, they did have the comfiest chairs in a pizzeria I’ve ever experienced…

If you have any suggestions for next week, please let us know! We love trying your neighborhood’s best pizza.

Yinzer Eats. Where Yinzers Eat.


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