Since there’s all this talk about Pittsburgh being a top destination for foodies, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to eat as much Yinzer food as possible. Make sure to read why I’ve decided to start my journey here!

Meet the Foodies:


Meet Rachel, founder/foodie.

2016 Villanova Grad. Now Pittsburgh resident.

Interests: food, dogs, traveling, talking, sports

Fav Chocolate Bar: Twix

Fav Home-Cooked Meal: my mama’s roast and spätzle


Meet Ted, chief editor (and beer & pizza connoisseur).

2016 Villanova Grad. Now Pittsburgh Resident.

Interests: beers, sports, hiking, reading, being old-man-like

Fav Ice Cream: Pistachio

Favorite Home-Cooked Meal: it’s a tossup between lasagna and meatloaf