Condado Tacos

With their grand opening on Taco Tuesday this week, I had to visit Condado Tacos – located on the corner of Liberty and 10th…


…and what a fun visit it was. The vibes here are definitely all good: each wall is hand-painted differently, they use mason jars as beer glasses, have a friendly staff, and an intimate space with more seating upstairs. In other words, I could really see myself spending some time with my ass parked at that bar on a Friday night for some margs.

Now, onto the food. Tacos are a tough market to break into in downtown pgh considering all the options already available (täkō, Bakersfield, etc.). But I do like the fact that they have a ‘build-your-own-taco‘ option. As a naturally indecisive human, however, I went with the taco menu that the chef created.

Other than the menu design, the food really didn’t impress me much. It kinda reminds me of Qdoba (harsh, I know):

  • they pile as much into the tacos as possible (unlike other places that choose simple ingredients and hit the flavors right on the head),
  • they use hard shells (or sometimes a hard shell/soft shell combo),
  • and the presentation isn’t that great.

Though, I will say the guac (I got the pineapple guac cause why not?) is pretty interesting. It’s piled on with all sorts of fun stuff – bonus: the chips are super crunchy.


All-in-all, this place isn’t a top notch taco destination for Pittsburgh, but I could definitely see it becoming a hot spot for happy hours or late nights out. Plus they use sporks so that’s fun.

Yinzer Eats. Where Yinzers Eat.


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