Yinzer Eats in Boston

I got the pleasure of visiting Teddy’s hometown recently – Boston. I can see why he loves the city, but still don’t get why he loves their sports since he now lives in the real City of Champyinz.


Jokes aside, you have to go to Boston if you’ve never been. There’s so many different neighborhoods with different feels – and not to mention the history the city holds! With all that in mind, I of course had to venture to as many neighborhoods as possible to try as many foods as I could during our short trip…

Day 1

Gourmet Dumpling House: we really went to Boston for the Pirates and Red Sox home opening series – but of course the one we planned on going to got rained out. So what do we do instead? Make our way over to Chinatown. We picked a random place, but I was so happy with our choice. These were hands down the best dumplings I’ve had in the US, and that’s saying a lot since I love Asian foods. Plus, who knew I liked Okra so much?

Emmets Pub: since it was pouring rain, we found ourselves in a classic Irish pub that served “traditional Irish fare.” This definitely seemed like a hot spot, and the bartenders all had an Irish accent – it felt so Boston to be there. Plus my shepherd’s pie was unbelievable to say the least.

Day 2

Cafeteria: after walking around Newbury St. for quite sometime, we realized how hungry we were so we stopped at the first place we could find. Cafeteria had a cool vibe for lunch and a diverse/fresh menu. We went with the cheeseburger spring rolls to start (naturally) and I got a Greek salad – great place if you need to stop off somewhere on the bustling street!

Greek salad w/chicken

The Tip Tap Room: this place, you guessed it, has lots of meat tips and lots of beer taps. It was a fun place for a dinner, and the choices seemed healthy. Plus all the tip options were delicious and had pairings to match.

Day 3

Alden & Harlow: brunch on a Saturday because why not. And of course I went for the ‘sparkler of the moment’ – cinnamon and grapefruit. By the sound of that I’m sure you can already tell how different their foods were. This was located in Cambridge and had a young vibe to it. AND they did their unique brunch tapas style! That’s like my dream come true.

Mike’s Pastry: we were told by at least ten people that we had to go to Mike’s. So obviously we went to Mike’s. I will say that I normally am not a fan of cannolis, I just don’t get them (give me chocolate cake plz), but I will say that was the best cannoli I’ve had. And of course I had to get the one with the choco chips on it #sorrynotsorry.


Ostra: since I had to drag Ted to a seafood restaurant, I decided to go big and eat here. I was so happy with my choice. This was a little bit upscale, but the food/wine exceeded expectations. From the butter IN olive oil, to the fresh Alaskan king crab, all the way to the hot chocolate torte, I was in heaven. Ostra seems to be one of those places that’s always packed – so make sure to make reservations!

Day 4

Stephanie’s on Newbury: brunch again? Well, yes. Eggs benedict with an amazingly light salad to go along? Of course. Monkey bread with delish cinnabon-like-icing as a dessert? Duh. This was definitely the place to be for a Sunday brunch – the food was really good, the vibe was fun, the drinks were strong, and the bar was lively.

Dolce Vita: after a long Sunday funday, what better way to spend dinner than at an authentic Italian joint in the North End? With so many restaurants to choose from in this area, we had to go with Ted’s dad’s recommendation. Dolce Vita was definitely family run – our waitress (who was definitely Franco’s, the chef’s, wife) even made a meal special for me since I love bolognese. This cute place was a great way to end our food journey through Boston.


Thank you Boston for all your diverse and wonderful foods. I will be back, and have a reason to come back and watch the Pirates beat up on the Red Sox next time they play.

Yinzer Eats. Where Yinzers Eat.


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