Fiori’s Pizzaria

Hello and TGI🍕F! Today we descended upon Brookline to visit the ever popular Fiori’s Pizzaria. Even though they don’t know how spell (pretty sure pizzeria isn’t supposed to have an ‘a’), they make damned good pizza. Not to get ahead of myself, but I think they have my favorite slice this far into the quest.


CHEESE: The mozzarella is hands-down the creamiest and milkiest we’ve encountered on our pizza journey. It’s only downside is that the cheese easily slides off the slice, but it’s really not a big deal. Overall awesomely creamy cheese with a powerful flavor.

DOUGH: So…the slice is floppy. I’ve never been a big fan of a floppy slice. Though in this case the flop doesn’t take anything away from the pizza pie, it certainly doesn’t qualify as a “good” dough. At the end of the day, it’s just a vehicle to deliver the cheese and gravy.

SAUCE: I do not exaggerate when I say Fiori’s has the best red sauce I have ever eaten. It is sweeter and fruitier than a grape off the vine. It is well documented that I’m a fanatic for sweetness in pizza sauce so it is possible others may differ with my opinion, but I am confident Fiori’s would stand up to any other pizza shop’s gravy in a taste test.

Huge thanks to one of our readers for suggesting Fiori’s – if you have a favorite pizza place in the burgh, please let us know!

Yinzer Eats. Where Yinzers Eat.


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