Mama Lucia’s

Hello and happy TGI🍕F. I apologize for missing the past two weeks as a combination of visiting family and travel prohibited me from my usual pizza tasting and review. Now back in Pittsburgh, the quest for the Burgh’s best pizza is back on! Today we visited Mamma Lucia’s in the heart of downtown for a slice or two.

CHEESE: The mozzarella here is meh, which is probably the best thing I’ll say about the slice today. The cheese didn’t add anything or take away from the slice.

DOUGH: I had two slices from Mamma Lucia’s that had completely different tasting doughs. One tasted like overcooked cardboard, the other was floppier beyond belief. Simply put, dough was no bueno.

SAUCE: I’m not one to shy away from a little grease, but this sauce tasted more like grease than tomato. I don’t know how they managed it, but the grease atop the pizza somehow got its way into the sauce and created a distasteful mess of a sauce.

P.S. This pizza shop is open daily from 9am to 6pm, making it more of a lunch than dinner spot. My slice at 5pm was probably an older, staler slice, which may not be an accurate portrayal of their usual lunch slice. Having said that, I stand by my review as I give my opinion on the slice that I receive. If you’re going to be open until 6, serve a good slice until 6.

P.P.S. The slice cost $1.80 a slice. It’s always nice these days to see a slice under 2 bucks.

Yinzer Eats. Where Yinzers Eat.


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