Yinzer Eats in Chicago

What a whirlwind of a weekend it was. I saw green rivers, had one too many cocktails, and enjoyed tons of different foods that Chicago had to offer me. Huge s/o to my friends for making it a weekend to remember.


Day 1:

Lou Malnati’s: Naturally our first meal in Chicago was deep dish pizza. This place is considered ‘the oldest family name in Chicago pizza’ – it definitely showed for how crowded it was. I tried a plain cheese and a meat pie. It was delicious when it first came out – so much cheese and a crunchy dough. We described it as a big cheese cake. The meat pie had tons of sausage on it which was pretty good. Only problem was that the cheese quickly congealed and the crust got soggy over time. I definitely enjoyed the deep-dish style, but prefer the NY-style pies.

Barcocina Chicago: This hip taco joint had good vibes, good tacos, but great margaritas. The guac was interesting, with some balsamic mixed in. We got about four different tacos – all were pretty good and had a spicy kick to them. We also got blackberry margaritas that may have made the tacos taste even better… plus a welcome shot for being new customers!

Day 2:

Beatrix: This was a modern-American eatery with a healthy twist to it. I got a ten-grain oatmeal with a side of turkey bacon. It made me feel healthy in the midst of all my other meals. Plus I’d never had turkey bacon before!


Bistronomic: Bottomless mimosas? That will get me to eat anywhere. My eggs benedict from here was nothing too special, but the side of potatoes were very good. I did get to try their famous burger along with their pepper omelet – they definitely have some cool choices with French angles!


IHOP: I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be after a long day of bar crawling. I had actually never been to an IHOP either – but they had some great mozz sticks (from what I remember). I also made sure to have some of my favorite: Kraft mac n cheese.

Day 3:

Beatrix: Yet again (ty hotel vouchers). And it was even better the second day! This time I got the braised pot roast and egg sandwich. I may have been hungover and in need of food, but this dish was amazing. The bread was so soft, the beef so tender, and the egg with jalapeño relish was delicious. Naturally, I got the turkey bacon as a side again. And the final kicker was the raspberry ricotta toast. It was basically a dessert for our breakfast. So light and airy on top with a dense bread to go with it.

Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen: We were craving stir fry, and we found a fresh take on it. At Doc B’s, right off of the Magnificent Mile, we ordered some pretty plain guac, but the chips made the dish unique. I normally don’t like sweet potato, but it went extremely well as a chip with the guac. And the stir-fry (Wok Out Bowl) was delicious and was a MTO kinda deal. Definitely would go back.

Sprinkles: A cupcake ATM? I had to stop. And I was glad I did. My mini red velvet cupcake honestly melted in my mouth as I walked down the freezing streets of the windy city.

Rock N Roll McDonald’s: This flagship McDonald’s was all I wanted to go to after seeing it (you can even ask my friends how annoying I was about seeing it). From the outside, it looks like a spaceship – and it even has a small museum next to it! I was in awe after walking through here thanks to the escalators. ESCALATORS. The max occupancy is 300, that’s a lot of people that can enjoy a Big Mac at one time…


Thank you Chicago for allowing me to be as touristy as possible. Come back soon to see where I travel to next!

Yinzer Eats. Where Yinzers Eat.


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