Nicky’s Thai Kitchen

Are you looking for some authentic Thai food in Pittsburgh? Look no further than Nicky’s. With two locations, the North Side and Downtown, this place is a perfect lunch spot with reasonable prices. Plus they use goldware instead of silverware, so that’s hip.


I will admit, I have been here more times than I can count, and get takeout way too often, so I may be biased. But everything is just so fresh! The lunch specials, which I got, come with a soup or salad. I chose soup because their soups always have such a light and refreshing flavor to them.

Chicken Noodle Soup

And of course, I had to try as many appetizers as possible. The dumplings are always so good – they’re packed with flavor and have such a different texture compared to your normal Asian dumpling. The Vegetable 4 U has such a good variety of appies and each has their own unique flavor; plus the dipping sauces were top-notch.

Steamed Dumplings & Vegetable 4 U

And for the main dish, of course I got chicken Pad Thai, it is my ‘go-to’. The combination of flavors in this dish is hard to come by. But, I will warn you, when they ask how spicy you want it, be cautious…

Chicken Pad Thai

Long story short, I highly recommend Nicky’s Thai if you’re looking for some high quality Asian food in pgh. Have a place for me to try? Tell me about it!

Yinzer Eats. Where Yinzers Eat.


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