Casellula @ Alphabet City

Fistly, I need to talk about Casellula‘s atmosphere. Two words: neat-o. It’s a big space that is shared with City of Asylum for their performances, which occur during dinners even (we got lucky with a poetry reading)!

Another interesting trait is Casellula’s no-tipping policy. It really cultivates a strong bond between the whole team. Only issue I saw here is the location. But, I know the North Side will soon be the up-and-coming place for restaurants. Now onto food…


We started with the mixed cured meats and some good red wine. They have about six pages of wines to choose from, so you won’t leave here thirsty. The meats you ask? Meaty.


Now let’s talk cheese🧀. I’m just like everyone else when it comes to the subject: ‘give me cheese, or give me death.’ Or something like that…


Something Casellula prides themselves on is having 30+ cheeses from around the world with specific pairings for each cheese (i.e. blue cheese w/ toffee; coffee cheddar w/ almond butter, etc.). Basically you can just tell they know what their doing with the pairings.


Of course we chose the pistachio tart. The crust was delectable – I could eat this every night if I could.


Although we only got wine, cheese, meat, and dessert, they do actually have appetizers/entrees to enjoy. I definitely plan on trying a grilled cheese next time I’m in…

Yinzer Eats. Where Yinzers Eat.


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