Bigham Tavern – Brunch

Go Bigham or Go Home. I definitely did not want to go home from this local Mount Washington joint. If you’re looking for a good brunch spot with tasty drinks and lively vibes to cure a hangover on a Saturday or Sunday, then Bigham Tavern should be your go-to.


Naturally, I was nursing a hangover when I discovered the never-ending menu that Bigham had to offer, and my eyes didn’t know where to wander. But, skillets are always an easy option for me since they have the potatoes, meat, and dippy eggs all in one big delectable mess. The short rib hash has a horseradish cheddar that cuts flavor through the eggs and potatoes with such grace. And the short rib just melts in your mouth with just the perfect amount of fat to accompany it.


And for some carb overload, I got a ‘side’ of chocolate chip pancakes. They came out in a cute presentation and were dense with the perfect distrubtion of dark chocolately chips spread throughout.


And finally, since Ted got the “Hangover Helper” burger, I had to get my grips on it. This is the First Place Winner & Peoples Choice Award at the 2015 PittsBurgher Competition – and it’s definitely warranted. When I bit into this juicy meat topped with all sorts of items (i.e. bacon, capicola, dippy egg, onion straws…), it was like every one of my senses was having a party – this is a must-try event.


Whether you’re looking for a place to bring a big group for brunch, hangover food, good food in general, or just a place to hangout and drink, head over to Bigham. You can tell they want you to have fun there and let loose.

Yinzer Eats. Where Yinzers Eat.


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