Il Pizzaiolo

Hello and happy TGI🍕F! The tour of Pittsburgh’s best pizza took me all the way to the suburbs of Warrendale where the Il Pizzaiolo’s third establishment is located (while there’s three of them, the downtown location is operated independently from the others). I know this isn’t technically Pittsburgh, but I am on a mission to find the best pizza around, and nothing will stop or hinder my pursuit. On this quest I will search high and low, far and wide. I will cross the banks of mighty rivers and scale the summits of great hills and cliffs. I am bound by a sacred vow to the faithful Yinzers to complete this quest, and I certainly won’t let city or county limits get in the way. So to Warrendale I went!

Il Pizzaoiolo


CHEESE: Il Pizzaiolo’s cheese is delicious, to say the least. They must import the mozzarella straight from the old country, because it truly is amazing. Its fresh, flavorful, and still moist after coming out of a 500+ degree oven. My only quibble is that it doesn’t cover the whole pie. To hell with the traditional style, I want more cheese!

DOUGH: The dough and crust were certainly the most disappointing parts of the pie. They were pretty doughy and had a rubbery taste to it. It seems as if they don’t cook it all the way through.

SAUCE: In one word: heavenly. The sauce is extremely light and super sweet. It has an airy quality to it, yet it packs a serious punch of fruity flavor. I wish they have jars to bring home because I can’t get enough of Il Pizzaiolo sauce. Highlight of the pizza for me.

Even though the dough could use some work, Il Pizzaiolo in Warrendale does serve up a decent pizza pie.

Let me know if there’s a place you want me to try and I will eventually get to it. I have received several requests for upcoming pizza reviews, so look out for when I stop by your favorite pizza shop. Also, go enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. Wash down your pizza with a nice draught of Guinness.

Yinzer Eats. Where Yinzers Eat.


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