First Watch

Now, when I’m hungover, I’m normally screaming for chicken fingers, a burger, some Kraft, etc. around 10 am. But, First Watch was able to cure my issues without making me feel terrible (plus a few unhealthy sides b/c I needed it).


Their motto is: ‘Yeah, it’s fresh’ and they aren’t lying. I got the Avocado Toast that is topped on thick whole grain bread. With the lemon to put on there and some grapefruit juice to wash it down, I felt so refreshed, especially considering my condition. And the eggs are basted, which I hadn’t had before, but definitely plan on trying to make myself.


Now, don’t be scared just cause you think they only serve healthy stuff – I got sides of bacon and seasoned potatoes. Check out their extensive menus to see all the options.

There are 10 First Watch locations throughout PA and OH – go find one and enjoy! Plus, for all you health conscious peeps: they have their nutrition facts online. PRO TIP – use the NoWait app to get in line for brunch, otherwise you’ll be waiting a long while.

Yinzer Eats. Where Yinzers Eat.


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