Eddie V’s

Eddie V's, a new hotspot that just opened in the Union Trust Building is something worth mentioning. I was lucky enough to get reservations the week it opened (s/o mom), and I am ready to go back. Since this is a seafood restaurant, I of course decided to get all seafood and definitely didn't regret it. I will … Continue reading Eddie V’s

Happy National Meatball Day

Happy National Meatball Day! What better way to celebrate than to start my monthly review of M3 (Mercato's Meatball of the Month)! If you aren't aware, one of downtown Pittsburgh's most popular bar/restaurant does a meatball of the month - and I never miss out. I'll make sure to always try it incase you can't. ~~~ … Continue reading Happy National Meatball Day

Eggplant Lasagna

I just tried this dish for the first time the other night. It's pretty easy to make (even for big groups), tastes amazing, and is a super healthy alternative to a normal lasagna. Cottage cheese instead of ricotta? Just trust me on this one... Eggplant Lasagna Eggplant(s) Fat-free cottage cheese Low-fat mozzarella Parmesan cheese Almond … Continue reading Eggplant Lasagna

Bar Marco

Bar Marco, located on 23rd and Penn in the heart of the Strip District, delivers a fabulous dining experience in a renovated brick firehouse. The food is exceptional; the atmosphere is upscale yet fun and casual; and the staff, who are paid salary rather than gratuity, are knowledgeable and friendly. Needless to say, it comes … Continue reading Bar Marco

Pizza Parma

Before I report the best pizza in PGH, I'm going to lay down the ground rules: The review is of one plain, cheese slice. That's it. No full pie, no toppings, no special requests. Gotta eat the singular slice as prepared by the pizzeria, no more, no less. Having that formality out of the way, … Continue reading Pizza Parma

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Although I love eating at restaurants and trying foods, I also love cooking, especially the healthy stuff. And I want you to be healthy too! If you are thinking of eating healthier then go ahead and give some of these a try. I also love trying new recipes all the time so send some my way. … Continue reading Cauliflower Fried Rice


Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest (pix-bèrg whin-ter bēr-fezt), n.: An excuse for Yinzers to see how much beer they can consume in 3.5 hours. With almost 400 different beers at the fest, it was a wild Saturday afternoon to say the least; yinzers were crawling out of the woodworks. I, on the other hand, don't really like beers. … Continue reading Beerfest🍺