Hello Pittsburgh

With all this talk about how good Pittsburgh food is, I knew what I had to do…


But, what better way to eat than the way Yinzers do it? Welcome to the start of my long journey, where I will try foods from around the City of Bridges and let you know why you should (or shouldn’t) eat there.

I guess it would be rude of me if I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Rachel and I was born into the Pittsburgh way of life. I graduated from Villanova, go cats!, and I am currently back in the steel city working a boring job just like everyone else. So why get into food? Well, I say why not.

Why respect my opinion of foods? I’m so happy you asked. I wish I could tell you how, since the age of 9 I’ve been cooking extravagant meals for my family and training my oh-so-pristine food palate; but that’s not how the story goes. However, I can say I love to cook, will eat just about anything, and have been to 33 different countries where I’ve been able to try enough flavors to know the difference between a Big Mac (created in the Burgh) and burger from Meat and Potatoes.

So, welcome to my journey! I hope I can fulfill all your yinzer dreams that you have about Primanti Bros sandwiches or Pamela’s hotcakes. Make sure to follow my experiences, and if you have any suggestions about where I should eat, please contact me!

Yinzer Eats. Where Yinzers Eat.


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